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Italian Marble in Luxury Homes

About Home Improvement

There are so many reasons which may lead you to have your home renovated. If your home is just too
old and you’d like to make it look better and feel more comfortable, then this might be the perfect
reason for you to entirely decide on pushing through with the renovation. Still, just because you’ve
decided to have your home renovated doesn’t entirely mean that you need to spend a lot for it.




Affordable Home Renovation

If you’re really concerned about how limited your current budget is, then you must know that you may
now have your home renovated affordably. If some of the renovation tasks are too simple, you may do
the work yourself in order for you to cut back on your expenses. Surely, there will be no need for you to
hire someone who should do a task that’s too simple especially if you do have some time to spare. Aside
from that, you could also look for some DIY tips for home renovation online to find out more about
some of the things you could do.

Having a Better Home

If you need your home to look better, you may have to have Limestone veneer as this could easily help
you achieve a sophisticated and elegant look for your home. You could get some help on this by calling
Marvelous Marble Design Inc through their contact number: 1-888-272-0630. They have the perfect Cut
to size limestone which would instantly compliment the wonderful look of your home in Dallas.

If you have currently been running out of home renovation ideas, you could easily search for them on
the internet. Try to search for some online home renovation guides and pictures which could possibly
give you more inspiration which could be very useful for you to get through with the renovation.

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Interior and Exterior French Limestone

Having to design both the exterior and interior of a building may not be very easy. The planning
phase alone may take a lot of time.

Exterior Design and Façade Engineering

Façade engineering involves having to plan on using something to envelop a building so as to make
it more attractive on the outside. This alone takes a lot of work; and on top of that, the architect,
building services engineers, façade engineers and structure engineers all need to work together in
order to provide a better if not the best outcome.

Limestone has been proven to be useful when it comes to façade engineering. Aside from the fact
that they are affordable, limestone building facades really look so great that they could definitely
improve the exterior of corporate building.

Limestone and Interior Design

There are so many ways for you to beautify the interior of your home. you could add elegant looking
furniture, and paint the walls nicely so as to brighten the rooms. If you are one of those who do
not want to settle with making rooms look quite ordinary, then you could make use of Limestone
veneer, or you could also make use of thin limestone cuttings as limestone cladding. Through
these, the rooms within your home will ever look boring.

You could easily look for companies which can provide you with the limestone that you need within
Washington D.C. by making one phone call, your questions will be answered. Dial 1-888-272-
0630 so that you could be provided with the assistance that you need from Marvelous Marble Design
Inc. if you want to achieve a unique look for your home, you could also decide to have the designs
customized to best fit your taste. The same company could help you with this as well. if you need to
learn more about this, you may contact them through the previously mentioned number.

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Natural French Limestone for Facades

There are a lot of materials to choose from in choosing a facade. The price also varies depending on
what you choose. Nevertheless, no matter how expensive your facade is, the end result will not be as
great as you think if it doesn’t fit the design of your house.

Marble building facades are lovely to look at but they are high-maintenance and need regular cleaning.
Still, you can always ask for assistance if you wish to have them cleaned, replaced, or completely
removed. Same is true with carved building facades. This style was popular long ago, and is still being
carried out today.

Companies in Chicago and other regions in the United States are able to provide materials which can be
used as exterior facade or in fireplaces. You can check out the galleries from Marvelous Marble Design
Inc and know your choice of materials. They can also case out your place to make sure that the right
material is used to blend with your house design. Call them at 1-888-272-0630.

Materials Used for Facades

  • Brick – if you want a formal look, brick should do the trick. This can also be used in fireplaces where a mantle is installed. The other option is to lay out bricks all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Field Stone – field stones give off a country kind of feel. They can also be installed with a mantle or design to be a part of the entire wall.
  • Granite – granite is often installed in slabs and could also come with a mantle.
  • Marble – this material is considered traditional and the most common facades in fireplaces. This is also used in columns, as well as on the floor, sinks, and counter tops.
  • Tile – tiles are the most versatile. They come in ceramic, glass or Tuscan and are fairly easy to mix and match to create patterns.


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Natural Stone Exterior Architecture

There are a lot of reasons why many people think of investing on a specific type of business. If you
are one of these people, you need to have enough knowledge about what you are about to get into
and cash in order to finance the whole business operation. It is natural to make investments and
in order for you to not make the wrong decisions, you may as well accept the fact that you need
assistance especially if this is your first time to invest cash into a specific business venture.

Constructing Your Business Building

You need the professional’s idea especially if you want to build something that will truly be able
to withstand different building problems through the years. You could consult your architect and
engineers to discuss how the building should be built properly, what kind of materials to use and how
to decorate it in order to achieve a professional but comfortable atmosphere.

As you may have already been noticed, Marble building facades are commonly used in corporate
building exteriors. With marble, a lot of things can be done in order for a building to exude elegance.
Marble tiles may as well be a great idea, or if not, Marble cladding could look great as well. you
must know that you need not use only marble all over the building as too much uniformity could be
boring. Using a variation of architectural stones may in fact be a good thing. This goes the same with
High end residential buildings.

So if you feel the need to include using architectural stones your building, you may dial 1-888-272-
0630 on your phone so that you could easily talk to the people from Marvelous Marble Design Inc. they
can provide you with some tips and suggestions as to how you could beautify your building with the use
of different architectural stones.

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Italian Marble in Luxury Homes

Different types of home and building designs have emerged in the past several years. Many
decades ago, homes used to look simple compared with the sophisticated and well-designed homes
of today. People were never used to having Marble cladding at home since they used to have brick

Stone Cladding

One of the most popular home improvement ideas is the use of stone cladding. Many people have
decided to use this because they are sturdy; they just won’t fall apart that easily. aside from that,
they also look great especially if it matches the feel or the atmosphere which you want to maintain at

Nowadays, people could choose from different stone cladding types. You could even go for
limestone cladding if you think that this is the right choice for you. you could also search for some
of the stone cladding designs which can be found online. if you want something original, then you
could also come up with an idea so that you could discuss this with those who are currently working
on building your home in long beach.

if you need more help about stone cladding, you could look for some websites on the internet which
can provide you with everything you need to know about it. You may also look for companies which
could offer you some help when it comes to stone cladding such as the Marvelous Marble Design
Inc. if you have some questions which need only to be answered by the experts in stone cladding
themselves, then you may as well make a phone call and contact them at 1-888-272-0630.

Remember that choosing the right company to help you build your home is to something which can easily
be done. Finding reliable companies may take a lot of work, but then your hard work will eventually pay
off once you see that your home has been built with quality materials.

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Natural Stone in Custom Designed Homes

Stone cladding can either be used on the interior or exterior part of a house or a building. This method is
used to cover up a part of a surface for protective purposes, as well as enhance the look of the surface.
There are many types of stones to be used in cladding, one of the popular of which is marble cladding.

Cladding is used in walls, fireplaces, columns and the façade of a structure. It has been used for
many years, and is still a popular choice among builders and interior designers. Its popularity is also
contributed by the fact that it is a more affordable option compared to building a structure entirely
made of white limestone, marble, or granite.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc provides services for stone cladding, as well as give you options for
marble designs and aesthetics. If you wish to have your home improved through cladding, you simply
have to call them through this number: 1-888-272-0630.

Faux Stone

This is a cheaper alternative if one cannot afford pure stones. Stones are man-made and are a mixture of
cement and sand. These are much lighter compared to pure stones and are also available in a variety of


Paint can be used to create an illusion of cladding. On the other hand, there are also wallpapers
available that look like clad stones. Affordable, contemporary and practical are the best words to
describe this technique.

Solid Stone

Solid stone are pure slabs of stones which are clad together to form a wall. This method has been used
since the ancient times can be seen in many houses; commonly in fireplaces and counter tops.

Panels made of Thin Stones

Another cheaper alternative are thin stone panels. They are made of real stones, but they are cut in
thinner pieces in order to reduce the cost of construction.

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French and Italian Marble in Custom Built Homes

No matter what the purpose may be, one must take into consideration the materials which are to be
used in building something. Having good materials may simply even be not enough. Taking advantage of
the best equipment and materials is of utmost importance. This is one of the many reasons why it might
really take some time to come up with the whole complete plan for constructing a building. One cannot
just decide to use marble veneer just because they’ve just randomly thought about it. For one to fully
make the right decision, adequate research must be done in order for him to make sure that he makes
the right decisions prior to and during the whole construction process. In short, once you decide to use
limestone veneer, you need to be completely sure that it truly is the perfect material for you to use.

In building something, you may require the services of various companies. Choosing the right company
to handle your construction needs is also of utmost importance. In Miami alone, you may have
a number of choices to consider; but then there are ways for you to find out more about certain
companies so that you could end up choosing a reliable one.

If you have been planning to build something which requires limestone and marbles veneers and the
like, then you must know that the Marvelous Marble Design Inc is one of the best companies which
you could trust. You may as well find out more about them by searching for them on the Internet. If you
have any questions at all for them, they would gladly answer it for you; all you have to do is to contact
them at 1-888-272-0630. You could also look for their website online and take a look at their previous

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Italian Marble in Custom Built Homes

The process of veneering marble to be used in surfaces has increased in popularity over the years. The
primary reason for this is the fact that it is cost-efficient, since thin slabs of marble are only used to
make a surface appear entirely made of marble.

Marble veneer is often seen in countertops and marble furniture but it can also be applied in walls. The
fact that it is still marble although a thin slab is used is the reason why proper caring and maintenance
should be observed. You cannot just use any type of cleaner as this may cause the surface to corrode,
discolor, scratch and etch.

If you have veneers or walls made from marble cladding, it is important to know the right way to clean
it. However, if a need for replacement arrives due to extreme damage, call Marvelous Marble Design
Inc in San Diego at 1-888-272-0630.

Things you need to prepare:

  • Ammonia / Hydrogen peroxide
  • Bucket
  • Cotton cloth/ball
  • Lint-free towel
  • Mild soap
  • Nylon brush
  • Soft cloth

Cleaning Instructions

  • Mix warm water and mild soap in a bucket.
  • Use a soft cloth, a light brush or a sponge in the bucket and start scrubbing the marble surface.
  • Make sure that dirt, residue and other elements are removed.
  • After making sure that everything is clean, clean off the soap by dipping another cloth in clean
  • water. Wash the surface and make sure that soap residue is thoroughly removed.
  • Dry the marble surface with the lint-free cloth

For extreme stains, use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Dip the cotton ball in the solution and work
your way on the stains. Immediately wipe the area with a damp clean cloth in order to prevent the stain
from drying out. Again, use a lint-free cloth to completely dry the surface.

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Indiana Limestone Uses

About Limestone

A sedimentary rock, limestone is made of mineral calcite which is also composed of chert or flint, silica,
silt, clay, and sand. For the creatures in the sea, limestone serves as their major source of calcite. Also,
sedimentary rocks are more or less made up of ten percent limestone.


Although limestone cannot be considered as a precious and expensive stone, you must know that
it is not completely useless either. In fact, Portuguese limestone has been proven to be very useful
especially when it comes to building different architectural structures. If you have been observant
enough, then you may as well notice that there have been a number of famous landmarks all over the
world which has been made with Limestone entrance, Limestone walls, and such.

Limestone isn’t too difficult to find, they can easily be carved as well considering the fact that modern
equipment have been very useful for this purpose. In San Francisco, different companies take advantage
of providing limestone for architectural purposes such as the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. you may
contact them at 1-888-272-0630 if you need help in building certain homes and buildings by utilizing
limestone as well as its other counterparts.

As for those who haven’t known about this yet, limestone can also be used in:=

  • Making solid bases for highways and roads – crushed limestone.
  • Making promoting good soil condition as pulverized limestone pulverizes acidic soil.
  • Mortar and Cement
  • Constructing Buildings and Homes with decorative (interior and exterior) limestone claddings
  • Cement manufacture and Landscaping

Limestone has a number of features which makes it an excellent material for many different purposes.
Maintenance is not quite difficult with limestone as well. Should you decide to make use of limestone
for your project, you could find out more about it by conducting an online research.

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Exterior French Limestone Facade

Ordinary stones can be found from anywhere in the world and they have proven to be very useful even
during the ancient times. You might think that stones were only used to build homes in the past, but
then you must remember that with today’s innovation and technological improvements, stones have
remained very useful in building different forms of architectural structures still.

Interior Home Designs

Homes need to be very cozy so that it could make its occupants feel relaxed and at ease. It is not just
an ordinary place for shelter; this is the reason why many people work hard just so they could afford to
have an elegant home built for them. Interior designers may come up with appropriate designs basing
on the home owners’ preferences. They know that simple Spanish limestone walls could instantly
improve the look of the kitchen walls. Limestone can be a great choice knowing that they don’t just look
great, they are also more affordable once compared with other types of stone cladding.

Portuguese Limestone and Exterior Home Designs

Homes should look great inside out. People pay special attention to a building’s exterior design as this
is what people usually see whenever they pass by. It is important to avoid overdoing things however as
this just might clutter up the whole exterior view of the building. Limestone claddings could also be used
for the exterior design, this would simply look better for the front porch. Aside from that, limestone
claddings could also be useful in improving your front garden in New Jersey. Use your imagination and
come up with unique designs. After which, you may then contact Marvelous Marble Design Inc at 1-
888-272-0630 so that they could help you realize your ideas and plans. There is no need for you to worry
if you haven’t still though of a design; perhaps some home improvement pictures can give you enough
inspiration later on.

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